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Lloret Maintenance is an established BMS maintenance provider and we specialise in the service, support and after-care of BMS and discrete control systems.

We present a full service for all future project work and system upgrades, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience in the building controls and BMS industry.

Maintenance is essential to ensure the best performance from your BMS and the plant & equipment that are controlled. If left unchecked or reactively undertaken, energy consumption becomes inefficient, comfort deteriorates effecting performance and contributes to poor value from the facility compounding your cost.

Lloret Maintenance Procedures are evolved from experience and are customised to suit the building and the challenges faced. However, the core of our service is the Planned Preventative Maintenance scheme which incorporates the tasks and the frequency.

To ensure the best performance from a BMS and the plant and equipment that is controlled maintenance is essential, because left unchecked or if maintenance is reactively undertaken, energy consumption can become inefficient and comfort can deteriorate, which effects performance and contributes to poor value from the facility. In addition the asset value of the BMS can deteriorate which compounds the cost.

Being a Trend TTC we have an in depth knowledge of Trend installations however, we are also partners with Tridium, Honeywell, Distech and Delta to enable a full scope service.  We understand the importance and implications of working in occupied buildings and working with the occupants and their facility teams and where appropriate tasks are conducted at the time dictated by local circumstances.

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