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Location: Stratford, London

Client: – –

Contractor: Skanska / Carillion

Project Value: £2.4 Million

Completion: April 2010 – June 2011

System Installed: Trend Control Systems

Key Attributes: 

IBC Includes:

  • Localised Control panels for 58 off Studio AHU’s.
  • 3 Main Chilled Water Plants comprising of 19 Chillers to supplement Park District CHW system.
  • Distributed I/0, Electrical monitoring metering & generator monitoring over MODBUS Network over 5 floors of office FCU Controllers.

MPC Includes:

  • Localised Control panels for AHU, CHW and LTHW Distribution from Park District Systems
  • Distributed I/0 & Electrical metering over MODBUS networks.
    5 floors of Chilled Beam. FCU and Trench Heating Controls.
  • The BMS comprises a Copper & Fibre Ethernet backbone.
    MODBUS and IQ Networks are used for distributed control.
  • Network Interfaces are provided to link IBC, MPC and Supplementary buildings back to Head End BMS Supervisor.
  • Interface to Park wide Alarm System.

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