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Our Energy Management Studio offers a complete package to transform the efficiency and performance of your building.

Lloret Energy Management Studio (LEMS) will offer a:

  • Cost effective and easy-to-use energy management system
  • View of the real-time performance and efficiency of a connected plant
  • Record and report detailed system parameters and characteristic
  • Intelligent Control Logic that reacts to real-time system operation
  • Extensive history database and automated efficiency report generation

Our Modular Design Principle allows The Energy Management Studio to be installed as one complete solution or installed in stages. Allowing you to spread the cost and meet any budgetary requirements.

It is the best tool in the challenge to reduce energy consumption.

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Key Features:

  • A comprehensive history database that can be used to log any or all parameters for any connected devices
  • View detailed information regarding all active & unacknowledged alarms
  • Boolean and numeric schedules can be used to schedule a range of operations
  • Up to 100 user accounts can be created with unique access rights
  • A detailed audit log displays all user operations carried out within a selected time frame.

An additional Remote Access package is available that allows an authenticated user to login to the control system from a remote location.

Our Solutions:

Integrated Management Suite – IMS
Integrate a range of plant equipment into the LEMS system using existing equipment controllers, or direct I/O devices.

Refrigeration Interrogation Suite – RIS
Measure operational parameters of a refrigeration cycle using dedicated measurement devices installed on to the refrigeration system.

Efficiency & Performance Analyser – EPA
Use key operational parameters of plant equipment to calculate detailed performance information for the connected system.

Intelligent Control Strategy – ICS
Increase performance of integrated control devices by providing automated responses to real-time system measurements and efficiency calculations.

LEMS Management Suite – LMS
Monitor and manage all connected controls, plant devices and view detailed system operational information.

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